Understanding a Naturist Sensual Massage.

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Sensual Naturist Massage

Understanding a Sensual Naturist Massage

The thought of a massage itself has an added level of sensuality. The thought of your body being touched by another naked man may send shivers down your spine. A Naturist Sensual massage take your senses to places you never thought was possible.

Each individual feels something different from the experience. Naturism is a lifestyle for many people who like the feeling of being free from clothes. However many people in todays` society have body issues due to social media and the model/fitness industry. Naturists are non- judgemental on height, age, size or package. These people have few inhibitions and a massage from a stranger can be very enjoyable. Naturism is liberating and there is nothing wrong with stripping off. This is something that will be wrote about in a later blog.

It is much easier to give a full all over body massage without the restriction of clothing. There is less fear of getting oil on it. A naturist massage is a very enjoyable and relaxing experience, this can be very arousing and sensual stimulating.

Some clients like their modesty covered with a towel during the massage. This still leaves ease of access to massage, some prefer to be completely naked, this is totally up to you. You may wish to start the massage wearing a towel. During the massage it is fine to ask your masseur to remove it. Many men will worry about getting an erection or aroused during a massage. This regularly happens and is nothing to be ashamed of.

With the Naturist Sensual massage your masseur is also naked for the massage. Allowing his body to be less restricted and the feeling of his bare skin against yours can be rather erotic. With your masseur being naked during the massage there may be parts of his body which touch yours. There is something natural about naked touch and nakedness between two males or a male and female.

This combines many of the standard Swedish and tantric techniques. The room suddenly becomes an erotic paradise as the oily hands get to work on your body. Stimulating your senses as they glide over your body. This massage mainly uses long erotic flowing strokes. Concentrating over the whole body, between the legs, glutes, bum, and groin area.

During the massage various amount of pressure will be applied to suit the needs of the individua. Please note that this is not a deep tissue massage. This is an ideal way to relax, experience release and reduce stress. Helps with circulation, removes any build-up of toxins, and helps to improve the blood flow in the body.

The massage is performed on a heated massage table for added relaxation. With a base oil mixed with essential oil (grapeseed oil and lemongrass) for pure relaxation. If you have allergies you should inform us off when booking.

A Naturist Sensual Massage will allow you to get in touch with your sensual and erotic senses in your body.