Overcoming impotence & frigidity

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There are several lifestyle issues that can be addressed to help overcome impotency, such as access alcohol consumption, poor diet and lack of exercise. If all these may be eliminated as a cause, it may be that the condition stems from emotional issues such as stress and anxiety at work or general fear of intimacy. For men is important that they develop the ability to express their emotions, as this can make them feel more confident and less likely to experience impotence or at least be able to deal with it better if it occurs. Using oils in the bath and in a oil burner can help deal with the underlying causes of impotence. Scent in the bedroom with the overcoming impotence blend – 2 drops clay sage and rose, 1 drop of jasmine and 5 drops of sandalwood in a oil burner.

Frigidity is very often misunderstood, misplaced in the context of an aversion to sex. However, it can refer to the ability of a woman to reach orgasm, which is not to say that she might not enjoy sex, simply that she will not climax. Massage is an excellent therapy to help overcome frigidity. The essential oils in your overcoming frigidity blend – 3 drops of clay sage and black pepper, 2 drops of jasmine and ylang ylang combined with the sensual nature of touch can help a person to appreciate their own body more. It also helps deal with any problems that there may be with regard to a negative self image, which can contribute towards frigidity by preventing them relax completely. You should never underestimate the power of touch to restore confidence and instil positive feelings. Use massage before intimacy to relax and reassure