Pre- massage workout

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Just like you have a pre-work before your gym workout, a pre-workout before you have a massage will ensure your body receives the full effect.

So just like your collect your protein shake, gym towel and clean gym kit being prepared for your massage is key. Before you leave for work, or the gym prepare yourself by showering, if you are not able to give your masseur and request one on arrival. When showering the temperature needs to be luke-warm and not piping hot as this will open your pores and the oil will soak into your skin and prevent the hands gliding over you. If too cold your hairs will stand on end and when entering the therapy room, the temperature may make you sweat and sit on your skin.

Before, during and after your massage it is key to be hydrated.  Avoid, coffee, tea, or energy drinks as this will increase your heart rate and pump blood around your body. Drink plenty of water before your appointment.

As you may come from work and in a suit for a bit of relaxation before heading home or out you may want to bring a change of clothes to feel more relaxed after your appointment. If you’re heading out after your appointment you may want to ask your masseur to use less oil.

Plan you journey, aim to arrive 10 – 15 minutes before your appointment time to sit, breath and get into the right frame of mind. By doing this the massage will be more stimulating or relaxing.