Preparing for your first massage

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“What do I need to prepare before my first massage”, this will be a question many people ask themselves.  This and many other questions you may have will be answered in this blog.

Choosing the right therapist

You need to find the right one for you based on his/her qualifications or recommendations.

Know your own body

Share with your therapist any specific allergies, areas of pain, joint move ability or skin problems.

Speak to your therapist before hand

Do not be afraid to call your therapist before your appointment, and chat through your allergies, any areas that you get pain, skin problems or joint move ability, or any specific massage techniques you like.  Your therapist will use a base oil mixed with an aromatherapy oil to you help their hands move freely over your body, please inform them of any allergies you may have to prevent irritation to your skin.

During your appointment if there is anything that causes you pain or discomfort please feel free to inform your therapist as later down the line if they are kept in the dark this could cause you complications.

Drink water before your appointment

Prior to your appointment, make sure you drink plenty of water. Muscles that are stressed produce a toxin build up and prevent oxygen and nutrients going to their areas they are required. This will result in stress and pain caused throughout the body.

During the massage, the therapist will start to manipulate the knots and the built-up toxins will be released from the muscles. The oxygen and blood circulation will be increased.

Make sure before and after your massage you are well hydrated.

Being hydrated before your massage, will enable the body to flush any toxins that have been released. Also drinking water after is essential to help the kidneys pass any toxins through the body.

Stay calm and take some deep breaths

To help with the relaxation during the massage make sure you take plenty of deep breaths.  Deep breathing also helps with relaxing the mind. Short breaths will make your muscles shrink and harder for your therapist to break down.

The way to have a perfect massage is to control the mind and body. Nice deep inhaling breaths inputting the air into the belly and to help oxygenate the muscles.

Do not eat before

Do not eat before a massage appointment as your body will not have time to digest this and you may feel uncomfortable during the appointment.

Shower before your massage

Having a nice warm shower before your massage appointment will loosen your muscles and transform you into a state of tranquillity. Not only will you feel clean and fresh, but this will make the experience more pleasurable.