Preparation for your first massage

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Preparing for your first massage

Is this your first massage ? Are you feeling anxious about a stranger seeing you undressed or worried about your weight? Don’t worry your masseur will have seen it and heard it all before. The sole focus of your masseur is to make sure your first massage is beneficial, enjoyable, and memorable for you.

If you’re a anxious or self-conscious person you may be one of the many people who never books a massage. By reading this far, I will take it you’re not one of them.

Do I hear you say, “what can I expect from this first experience” and what should I do before I arrive for your appointment? We are going to run through a few things you need to do before your massage appointment.

Before you arrive

Plan your journey and leave plenty of time to arrive for your appointment. Arrive freshly showered. This will loosen your muscles and transform you into a state of tranquillity and is polite to your masseur and will make you feel good about yourself. Open your mind up to any suggestions your masseur may have and during the appointment let your mind drift off somewhere nice.

Ensure your drink plenty of water and avoid drinking alcohol or taking drugs before your appointment. The benefit of a massage is that it moves toxins around your body, additional toxins could make you feel unwell. Stressed muscles produce a toxin build up. This will result in stress and pain throughout the body.

Don`t eat within 2/3 hours of your appointment so your body can digest as this could be uncomfortable on the stomach.

On arrival and during your massage

Your mind might be racing with thoughts of what is to come, try and let your mind wonder into a state of restfulness. On arrival you will be greeted by your masseur who will show you to the spare room where you will be left to your privacy to undress. Removing only the amount of clothing you feel comfortable doing so, you will be provided with a towel to cover yourself as you walk into the treatment room.

Before your masseur begins, speak honestly and openly with him. Let him know if you have any allergies to oils or lotions, anywhere that causes you pain when touched or anywhere you wish to be avoided.

The therapist will start to manipulate the knots and the built-up toxins will be released from the muscles. The oxygen and blood circulation will be increased.

During the massage if you feel any discomfort at all let the therapist know immediately, or if you wish him to apply more pressure or attention to a certain area.

Breath normally and let the entire body relax as your masseurs’ hands explore your body. To help with the relaxation during the massage make sure you take plenty of deep breaths. Deep breathing also helps with relaxing the mind. Short breaths will make your muscles shrink and harder for your therapist to break down. The way to have a perfect massage is to control the mind and body. Nice deep inhaling breaths inputting the air into the belly and to help oxygenate the muscles.

It is perfectly normal to get aroused during a massage. It is nothing to be ashamed of as this is normal reaction when the body becomes relaxed. Don’t worry your masseur will have seen this all before.

As the massage ends

Your masseur will cover your eyes with the towel on the pillar and pull the towel up over your body, turn the lights out for you to lay back and to let your mind come back into the room as you listen to the music. Take a few minutes to take this before contemplating sitting up, as you can feel light headed or dizzy.

Your masseur will have placed a bottled of chilled water in the room as you change it is important to drink plenty of this following your massage and avoid caffeine or alcohol.

As your dressing you may want to speak with your therapist about scheduling future dates with them, as your body will feel more relaxed and reduced effects of pain and anxiety with continued sessions.

I am sure after this first experience that you will wanting to return time after time. Book your appointment now.