Preparing for your first Massage!

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Getting ready for your first ever massage, what can I expect and what should I do before hand? Nothing to worry about, just follow the below to enjoy first massage experience.

Ensure you arrive freshly showed and clean. This is polite to your masseur and will make you feel good about yourself. All wounds should be covered and the masseur informed of them the booking stage. It is advisable not to eat prior to the massage; as you could feel uncomfortable.

Avoid drinking alcohol or taking drugs before your treatment, the benefit of a massage is that it moves toxins around your body, additional toxins could make your feel unwell or sick.

On arrival I will show you to the spare room to allow you to undress.

It is perfectly normal to get aroused during a massage and is nothing to be ashamed of as this is normal reaction when the body becomes relaxed.

You’re ready for your massage! All you have to do next is lay down on the table, relax and enjoy! I am sure that this experience is something you will want to come back to and experience time after time.