Step-by-step arm massage

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Massaging the arms using a combination of different techniques can help improve muscle tone, as well as releasing any tension that has built up during a hard day`s work.

When using effleurage on the upper arm, finish the stroke by sweeping your hand up and around the shoulder. Ask the recipient to relax their arms before you start, then supporting the arm you are working on with your free arm.

  1. Perform effleurage with a flat palm on the inside of the arm. Move from the wrist to the shoulder, releasing pressure from the elbow. Repeat on the outside of the arm.
  2. Repeat the previous step again on the upper arm – both inside and the outside areas – three times. Glide the hands right up and over the shoulder.
  3. Pinch up and down along the fleshy area of the upper arm, but careful not to press the outside of the limb where you cannot feel any muscle.
  4. Lightly hack over the upper arm, but only if there is enough flesh present (a thin person may find this painful), to tone and firm the muscles.
  5. Using the pad of the thumb (fleshy area on your palm) apply small circular movements around the outside of the elbow, avoiding the point of the bone.
  6. Massage gently with small circular movements on the outer part of the forearm, using the thumbs. You could also add some petrissage.
  7. Apply small, light circular movements to the inner part of the forearm, working up to the elbow. Finally, repeat step 1 to complete your massage.