Stress and the effect on the body

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Inhale deep breaths in and breath out. Understanding what stress is and tips to overcome it.

How many times a day do you hear someone say `I`m stressed, perhaps you have even said it?

We do not enjoy being stressed but in small doses this can be motivating. By acting and meeting the demands of work and the pressure of home life. Long-term stress is a completely different story. This can put pressure on your body and can put you at risk of developing certain illnesses.

Stress – What is it?

All of us know what it is like to feel stressed. It never easy to pinpoint what being stressed really means. A feeling of unable to cope as a result of events putting pressure on you. A time when you have a list of things to do as long as your arm and not knowing where to start.

So, what causes stress?

We are all different and stress and what causes it can very massively from person to person. Your personality and how to deal with situations will vary your stress levels. It is difficult to list everything that causes stress as we are all different. Some of the most common are:

• issues at work

• money worries

• bereavement

• health worries

• starting a new job

• selling and moving home

Stress and the effects on the body.

Your heart rate may increase when your stressed, your breathing may quicken, your blood pressure may increase, and muscles tighten. When faced with difficult situations the body will automatically produce stress hormones to help us deal with them. Once these situations have passed these physical effects will pass.

Stress may affect all areas of your life, your emotions, thinking ability, physical health, and behaviours. Symptoms of stress may vary as we all handle stress differently. Being stressed constantly may impact on your health and you could develop stress-related symptoms such as

• a migraine or headaches

• pain or muscle tension

• an overwhelmed feeling

• light headiness

• difficulty in sleeping and feeling tired all the time

• eating too little or too much

• a loss of interest in sex

If you feel stressed, book an appointment with your doctor. They will talk through your symptoms and rule out other conditions.