Swedish massage and its origins

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Swedish massage

Swedish massage and its origin

Swedish massage became popular in the West during the 19th century through the influence of the Swedish Masseur, Pir Henrik Ling. One of the most commonly taught and well-known techniques in the world.

Naturally Evolved

Pir Henrick Ling, a fencing master and gymnastics teacher, opened his school of massage in Sweden in the early part of the 19th century the French terminology that is now so familiar became the standard as the system of Swedish massage travelled all over Europe. The French terms effleurage, petrissage and tapotement are still use today.

Preparing for a Swedish Massage

A Swedish massage is traditionally performed with the client naked. Mainly due to the strong reliance on the use of essential oils. The receiver, however, should only be required to undress to how comfortable they feel. A towel will be provided to cover their modesty – the area being worked on will only be visible. It is also important that the receiver is aware of this to stop them worrying about levels of exposure.

Privacy and comfort

The receiver will be left to undress in the room and a towel provided for them to cover themselves whilst making the way to the table. This will them be positioned over them.

Understanding a Swedish Massage

When booking a Swedish massage your masseur will use deep circular movements, long strokes, and kneading. By using these techniques, the nerve endings will be stimulated, the blood flow and lymph drainage will be stimulated, and you will feel relaxed.

With a Swedish massage the whole body will be massaged. You will start face down and halfway through the appointment be asked to turn onto your back.

If there are specific areas of the body for example tight glutes from the gym that need more work, then speak with your therapist. If you prefer your massage to firmer with deeper pressure than lighter touch, please let your therapist know.

To make it easier for your therapist to work on all your muscles in the full body massage your therapist will ask you to undress prior to the booking, you may wish to keep your underwear on. A towel will be provided to lay across your middles and moved as the therapist moves about your body.

Warm oil will be used by the therapist to allow their hands to move smoothly and freely over the body. If you have a favourite aromatherapy smell you like, please let your therapist know prior to the appointment to allow this to be mixed.

A Swedish massage is the most offered massage out there. The aim of this massage is to relax the body by releasing any muscles tension you may have.