Tantra Massage and its benefits

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Body to Body Massage

Both woman and men have hectic and busy lives causing us to suffer from sexual, mental, and physical disorders. We all need a little relief to recharge our batteries and get us back to face the every day tasks we need to perform. Massage helps you to relax and forget the pressures of every day life for an hour or so and give the body time out it needs to recharge.

A tantric massage is erotic and gives you the feeling of sexual delights, which will lead to a better frame of mind. This massage concentrates on various sensual zones, the bum, nipples between the legs and groin area and will bring the feeling of joy to all parts of the body.

This is a spiritual practice that has been around for years. Tantric practice is developed through self-exploration and your own pleasure, so masturbation is a good way to explore it. By doing this you will find what works and what doesn’t for you without the pressure of your partner being there.

Its not about performance and about solo intimate pleasure and deep connection. Get to know what your body likes more erotically. Tantric masturbation is not about ejaculation. There is a lot more to masturbation than shooting your load.

Stress plays a big part of our busy lives today. The long working hours, managing family, having to make everyday decisions all build up the stress we feel. This massage, will help you clear your mind, help you relax, your will body feel light, which will release all the stresses and tensions that have built up.

Feeling stressed? Then book a sensual tantric massage, usually I would recommend a 90 minute session to help you feel fully relaxed.

A tantric massage, not only will give you sensual pleasure but will also allow your body to feel more at ease in a sexual situation.

Many people ask what is Tantra and what can I expect to get from it? Tantra is a spiritual awakening , achieved through meditation, meditative sexual union with another person/s and mindful eating.

Relaying heavily on touch according to ancient writings on Tantra brings ever lasting love. Tantra works on energy, the yin and yang opposites meeting and unite with each other.

Yin energy gives total relaxation found in any spa but within a Tantra massage you get both relaxing (Yin) and the stimulation energies (Yang) The combination of these two energies will bring the receiver to complete peace and completeness.

Offering control of your body to another person is one of the most overwhelming ways of gaining your inner self being. The recipient must loose all insecurities and thrown all his caution away. The Lingam massage requires you to hand your inhibitions over to the skilful hands of the masseur . As the masseur gives your whole body full attention you will find you discover inner feelings you didnt know existed. A you are experiencing your Lingam massage let yourself go.

This sensual and very erotic massage will help you to take stock of many impulses and human reactions. Many men who have experienced a lingam massage have been know to take control of issues such as premature ejaculation. This can be achieved by giving yourself the opportunity to enjoy the feel of the penis and not doing it as a means to an end.

A couple’s tantra massage session covers all elements of a one on one tantric session. On arrival at the studio and prior to the start of the appointment, your therapist with create a comfortable and trusting relationship. Getting to know each other will calm any anxiety or jitters. When you both feel at each other’s company the session will begin.

The therapist will invite you to the sacred space of the inner sanctum. Your Tantra therapist will undress you slowly under the glow of candlelight. Your therapist will lavish and sooth every inch of your skin.  Including sensual showering using a variation of soaps, scented lotions, and sponges your whole body will sensually explore, caress and relaxed. Soft hand and finger movements from the temples and head, down the back of the neck, shoulders, the body, and evendown to erogenous zones. Working the way down the legs to the calves and feet and toes. A tantra massage will give you a feeling of being in a trance, time disappears, problems and worries will no longer see valid, or may be forgotten totally and physical boundaries dissolved.

As the warm water trickles over your body and relieves the anxiety and stress. Let your mind start to wander to the sensual space you and your Tantra therapist will soon be going to. The sensual shower starts to prepare you for the tantric massage which will follow.

Your therapist will as you to lay back on the massage table with a pillar covered with a towel under your hips and the massage will begin. Your knees a little bent and your legs slightly apart. The whole body will be gently caressed with warm sensual oil.  The flow of energy will be stimulated, and your sensitivity increased as your senses are awakened. In a tantric massage all areas including the lingam and yoni will be massaged.

Lust and sensuality are located here, but these private areas are a big source of fulfilment and joy in our life. You will feel total at piece but wide awake. You will be shown how to breath correctly as you fall into a deeper state of relaxation. Your therapist will provide a sense of well being and the feeling of comfort, often described as “walking on air”.

Some people associate Tantra with full on bedroom sessions, but the art of tantra can be enhance the sex life. Tantra is not about sexual pleasure or climaxing being the main goal. Production of the stimulation and relaxing energies can be produced without even touching the genitals. As energy flow can rest in lots of parts of the body. Tantra doesn’t have to include the sexual organs as some may choose to have his/her organs reunited with the rest of their body, usually encouraged within couples

Take your time, slow down, get to know your body. It completely fine to fantasise and imagine sexual images, listen to what your body is telling you.

There are no rules on how to practice tantric masturbation as what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another.

Remember with tantric masturbation it more about the different sensations you feel through your body and not about achieving and orgasm.

Leave yourself plenty of time to explore in a relaxing environment, lower the lights and light a candle. Engaging as many of your senses as you can and focus on you. Tantra is a practice that will lead you to explore your sexual awareness and not just about you ejaculating.

Deep breathing and focus on the sensations your body is receiving. Focus your mind on what pleasures your body parts are receiving.

Don’t rush to ejaculation – tantra is a journey and finding out more about your body and yourself. Self- exploration will teach you things that you didn’t even know you enjoyed. Explore different ways to pleasure yourself, explore your erogenous zones or maybe use a finger or sex toy to play with your G spot

Like everything new tantra can take a little time to get into it, its all about learning what pleases you and makes you happy