Thai massage for alleviating pain

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Chronic, aching pains often occur due to stagnation and inactivity. Thai massage gives the stimulation the body needs to restore energy circulation, alleviating the pain.

Your body is not designed to be sitting for long periods of time in one fixed position., as is almost always demanded by office jobs or professions where you have to spend a lot of time in your car or travelling. There are a few methods, however, that can help to redress the lack of activity without putting the body under any further stress.

Flow of energy

Thai massage restores the body1s free-flowing energetic state naturally at a pace that can easily respond to. By using these useful massage techniques, your body is guided through movements that remobilise stagnant energy and improve circulation around the body. The chronic aches then dissolve, leaving you feeling relaxed and energised.

When is Thai massage appropriate?

As a rule, any area in acute pain should be omitted and the treatment directed to the rest of the body until the painful area as recovered. Working either side if a painful area can stimulate the healing process.

Adjacent treatment

Treat these areas only by working the parts of the body adjacent to them:

  • Injuries that cause intense sharp pain
  • Places where pain increases when touched
  • Injuries hot to touch
  • Injuries of unknown origin
  • Swollen areas

Thai massage is not suitable for some cases of arthritis, such as rheumatoid arthritis, as its strongly stimulating and may actually serve to worsen the condition. If you`re unsure whether you should begin Thai massage you can contact your GP for more information and advice.

Direct treatment

  • Injuries that ache and have a dull throb
  • Injuries where pain subsides when pressure is applied
  • Injured areas that are cold to touch
  • Site  of old injury with no subsequent problems