The magic of massage

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Massage is perhaps one of the oldest of all healing therapies, having been used in ancient times across all cultures and continents. In ancient Rome, massage was used by the well to do who would pamper themselves with aromatic rubs and baths.

Today, with the busy and stressful lifestyles most of use lead, massage can relax, improve and help us to unwind.

Massage is much more than a relaxing and pleasurable time out for us. It has many benefits to the skin, circulatory system and muscles.

Muscle tone maintanence

Massaging helps the body to maintain strength, reduce daily stress aid muscle tone, aid elasticity of our muscle fibres and ease tension.

  • The waste product Lactic acid that builds up during periods of exercise and stress in our muscle fibres. Massage helps break down these deposits that builds up and helps the muscle fibres elasticity.
  • Massage is a way that can maintain and improve muscle tone. Muscles that have no tone may benefit from stimulating massage techniques like cupping and hacking