The right setting for a massage.

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The mood and setting are essential to put the client at ease, on arrival for a massage here at Male Masseur in Manchester you will be greeted with a warm welcome and friendly smile. This should put you as a client at ease after a stressful week or long day in the office.

With candles burning in the hallway giving a sense of romance and a welcoming smell of fresh oils as you are led upstairs and into the room to change before being led into the therapy room adds a little romance to a sensual welcome experience.

Mood lighting in a soft suitable colour along with candles have a calming effect on any individual.  A room lit with candlelight adds to an erotic sensual setting and make your masseur look even hotter than when you looked at his pictures before making your appointment. You will be invited to therapy room where relaxing music will be playing and asked to face down on the heated massage table and feel as your masseur covers your body with a soft material sarong with tassels that he slowly glides over your body.

The more elements to a massage the more enjoyable it will be. The room and mood is now set, now your senses will be stimulated by the pleasant smell that is being diffused into the air.

Orange – reduces any anxiety you may have

Bergamot – for a maximum chill

Lemon – improves mood

Lavender – helps with relaxing and soothing

A diffuser will be on during the massage sending a gentle mist of aroma to around the room helping you to focus and relax as you are massaged.

Relaxing therapeutic music will be played to help you drift off from the pressures you face in your every day, if you have a specific type of music that you like to relax to please speak with your masseur before your appointment so he can set this up.

You may want to add a body scrub before your massage to your booking, this is done in the shower and your masseur can wear trunks or be naked with you. You start off in the shower feeling the warm water glide across your body, shower gels will be provided for you to wash your skin from the grimes of the day. Your masseur will join you and slowly exfoliate your skin with a body scrub all over your body, exfoliating gloves will be worn and feel as he glides and removes the dead skin cells from your body.

It is important that you refrain from drinking drinks that may stimulate your body such as coffee or energy drinks before a massage and make sure before your appointment that you drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated. Plan a relaxing evening after and make sure you drink water to help with the removal of any toxins that have been released into the body.

All of this together creates a great foundation for an out of this world massage experience. Whether your visiting the therapy room, or in your hotel room or in the comfort of your own home your therapist will guarantee that the mood is just right and your booking is relaxing and stress free.