The Unknown Masseur Experience!!

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Have you ever had the fantasy of turning up for a massage and being greeted by two toned muscular masseurs? Well imagine this! You turn up for your appointment and your fantasy becomes reality!

The masseurs lead you upstairs and then blindfold you, they both begin to undress you. You are led to the table by the masseurs once you are on the table and are relaxing quietly one of them leaves the room as the other one starts the massage. Your body is caressed with warm oil and your mind is doing overtime wondering which one of the masseurs is massaging you? Who`s hands are on your body?

The excitement building up inside of you as you experience this mysterious touch on your body. Still blindfolded you are asked to turn over and to your surprise you feel a different set of hands caressing your body and massaging your torso. Which masseur is now touching your body? Your body is tingling with excitement as your brought to an explosive ending.

Your covered with a towel and told to relax and then as your blindfold is taken off and both the masseurs are finishing off the massage on your towelled body.