The use of oils in massage.

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Oils in massage

Massage therapists having been using oils for centuries to give massages. Oil is an essential tool in a massage as it helps the hands, arms, elbows to glide over the body. Using a base oil like almond or grapeseed will moisturise the body and does not soak into the skin and allows you massage parts of the body for longer periods without having to add more oil. If the body is hairy the masseur may need to apply more frequently to prevent friction and pulling the hair.

A base or carrier oil has little or no fragrance and may not be the best and aroma to create the most relaxing atmosphere or to stimulate the bodily senses. Essential oils will give the base oil a fragrance and help stimulate the mind and body.

Mixer oils

Ylang Ylang – offers a voluptuous and sensual experience.
Tea tree – often used by athletes to relieve aches and muscle tightness.
Lemongrass – a powerful lemon smell and relaxing.
Lavender – to aid sleep.

Essential oils may irritate the skin and should not be used directly on the body. Essential oils should be mixed with a carrier oil. If you have any specific medical issues or allergies please let your therapist know.

Here at Male Masseur in Manchester we like to use a grapeseed base oil mixed lemongrass which is a very refreshing smell.

Oils with relaxing qualities

Hypericum – Used to treat anxiety and relax muscles
Bergamot – Used to treat agitation, depression, or panic attacks.
Petitgrain – Helps with nervous exhaustion, petitgrain helps build the immune system.
Lavender – Renowned for its relaxing, healing and calming effects.
Clay Sage – Lowers cholesterol and blood pressure.
Geranium – Regulates hormones and calms nervous fatigue.

Do you suffer from anxiety? A blend of rose otto, bergamot and petitgrain oil can help this.

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