Understanding Massage Etiquette

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Massage Etiquette

Our clients over the years have asked us many questions relating to the services we offer. Check out our FAQs Page to read more.

What is massage etiquette?

Its not always about etiquette but good manners and common courtesy to your masseur. We want all our clients to enjoy the experience that they are paying for. To feel relaxed about the service that they are going to receive.

Booking your massage

When a client asks for more pictures! Do you offer a discount on your prices or for extra services our alarm bells start to ring. So, to clarify!

A request for more pictures.

Our masseurs are happy to send photos if you are unable to access our website, however, please do not ask for naked or revealing ones as you may not like what our masseurs reply with. All our masseurs are professional and like to maintain something for you to look forward to seeing at when you arrive. If you need to see these before hand you may wish to join our onlyfans site.

A discount on our advertised rates.

When making an enquiry it is completely fine to ask at the prices for our services, however to ask for a discount on them can be an insult to our masseurs and their skills they offer. It is perfectly common to have a lower budget than the prices we offer but we would suggest to you to look on the internet for a service that suits your budget. We regularly check our prices against our competitors in the area.

Asking for extras!

We do not sell sexual services, it is against the law and imprisonable. If this is something you’re looking for you may be better looking for an escort.

Being on time.

Each massage has a time slot so arriving on time is important. Arriving late will have a knock on effect on the next client as the masseur needs to shower, refresh and sanitise the treatment room or maybe have somewhere else to be as our masseurs also lead normal lives, time with friends or gym sessions fitting in between massages.

We appreciate lateness can sometimes not be helped due to traffic or a change of plans, if you could let your masseur know that would be greatly appreciated. He may be able to juggle the next appointment about, if not your appointment may be shorter than booked.

Arriving fresh.

As you and your masseur are close and personal, personal hygiene is important. No one wants to smell the sweat from a gym session or mowing the lawn. Male Masseur in Manchester offers shower facilities prior to and after each appointment with fresh towels and toiletries available. Thee form part of the appointment time. Your masseur will be freshly showered and smelling fresh for each appointment.

Turn off your phone.

Whether your appointment is for 30 or 90 minutes you don’t want disturbing by the ping or hearing your ringtone in the changing room so turn it onto silence, its not going to hurt you for the length of your appointment to be away from your handset.

Should you wear your underwear or go naked?

This is totally up to you with what your feel comfortable with. If you decide to keep your underwear on this a normal reaction or if you prefer to go naked there is a towel to cover your modesty whilst you get on the table.

Don’t be afraid to speak up.

Your masseur isn’t a mind reader. If something feels uncomfortable tell him. Are there any specific parts of the body you don’t like to be touched? Do you prefer the pressure to be a little heavier when specific parts of the body? It is ok to chat during the massage or you may prefer to lay back close your eyes and just relax and take the atmosphere in.

Bodily reactions

It isn’t uncommon for a man to get an erection during a massage or leak pre- cum, it is nothing to be embarrassed its part of the body relaxing, woman also may produce vaginal fluid as they are being massaged again a common occurrence, your masseur will have seen it all before.

There may be other questions you have so don’t be embarrassed contact us before making your booking our masseurs are always happy to come back to you when they are not with another client.

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