What are the benefits and what is involved in a massage?

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Benefits of what is involved in a massage?

It used to only be health clubs and spas that offered massage. Nowadays these are easily available without visiting either.

Many people think that massage is only part of a spa day and pampering yourself. This may be true for many of us. Many of us frequently use it for pain and stress relief. Massage involves pressure being applied to all the various layers of muscle across the body.

To help with the bodies healing process.
Decrease muscle reflex activity.
Promote well-being and relaxation.
To remove knots from build-up of waste products.

Massage involves putting pressure on the body and working –tension, motion, structured, stationary, unstructured, moving or vibration, done with a mechanical aid or manually.

Target tissues may include ligaments, muscles, joints, tendons, skin, fascia, or other connective tissue, including lymphatic vessels, of organs of the gastronomical system.

If the pressure is too light and you require it a little harder let your therapist know. Massage can be applied to any part of the body with the elbows, hands, knees, forearm, fingers, or feet.

Massage is often recommended

Decreased depression and anxiety.
Soften injured, tired, and overworked muscles by helping them to relax.
Assist with circulation.
Temporarily reduced heart rate, blood pressure
Reduce fatigue.
Help aid restful sleep.
Boost your energy levels.
Help with concentration.

The physical benefits of massage

For many people, massage is important to helping them to return to day-to-day activities after having medical surgery. This includes:

Improved circulation and flexibility in the body.
Decreased joint inflammation and muscle stiffness.
Better sleep quality
Speedier recovery between workouts
Less soreness and pain

The mental benefits

Many people who after a massage say they feel less stressed and say their mental wellbeing benefits from one.

Their stress levels are lower.
An increased feeling of wellness, mood, and more energy.
Feeling more relaxed.
Decrease in their anxiety.

How you may feel after a massage

You may feel like you have done ten rounds with Frank Bruno, with the feeling of nausea or experiencing a headache, this is common. Your body may feel tired and sore.

Any skilled masseur will have a number of techniques which can be adapted to an individual needs.

Massage is a good way to pamper and indulge your body. It is effective and safe for people of all ages.

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