What are the benefits of a sensual naturist massage?

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Each individual benefits from something different, naturism is a lifestyle for many people who like the feeling of being free, these people have few inhibitions and a massage from a stranger can be very enjoyable.

It is much easier to give a full all over body massage without the restriction of clothing and less fear of getting oil on it. A naturist massage is a very enjoyable and relaxing experience, this can be very arousing and sensual.

Some clients like to be draped with a towel the buttocks and groin arear which is completely acceptable. This still leaves ease of access to massage, some prefer to be completely naked, this is totally up to you. You may wish to start with wearing towel and then feel this isn’t right and I will remove this for you.

I am usually naked for this this allows my body to be less restricted and the feeling of bare skin against can be rather erotic, with me being naked during the massage there may be parts of my body which touch yours. Please let me know if you are not happy with this possibility and I will to wear shorts, briefs or a jock please let me know when booking.