What are the boundaries when having a massage?

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One of the first question clients ask is what are your boundaries? I feel it is important for you as the paying client to know what my boundaries are and vice versa; I can then understand what your limitations are. You may have visited a number of therapists over the years and each of them will have different boundaries. Each client may have differing views and expectations so for this reason it is best that I clarify mine.

Many massages can cause you to become aroused from being touched and stimulated by a male masseur in a relaxed environment, men may get an erections and women aroused there are both a natural reaction You are paying for my time and you should enjoy the whole experienced. Many clients ask can I touch you, with the Sensual Naturist and Body to Body Massage it is a common occurrence and not a problem, mutual touch is allowed..

Some clients simply lay back, enjoy the pampering and relax, I have had a number of client feel that relaxed that they fall asleep.

A SWEDISH MASSAGE is a NON SENSUAL, I will have shorts or underwear on during this, you may wish to be naked to allow me to work all areas of your body without restrictions. I make every effort NOT TO INCLUDE contact with the genitals, needless to say client arousal may still happen when the body is in a complete state of relaxation.

Two of my most common treatments are: BODY TO BODY OR SENSUAL NATURIST MASSAGE, both massages are performed naked. A lot of men asked about a Prostrate massage and Lingam and ladies asking about a Yoni massage. I would recommend a minimum of a 1.5 hour for either of these as a 1 hour can feel a little rushed and your are just feeling the benefit as it is coming to an end. Recently a lady said to me that a , “non sensual massage can be booked anywhere, I am looking for a sensual with a yoni massage”

Ladies –  This is your time and experience and is all about what you like, many of you will normally being making your partner happy and not fore filling your needs. Before attending your appointment decide what you want from the session and be sure to let me know and I will do my very best to help you. It is all about what you want from the massage!

Men – Remember this is not a treatment with a female therapist, with me feel free to completely relax, there is no need to worry about an erection. Some men haven’t had the male to male touch at all and some may have had a drunken play with mates when younger , others who haven’t had any experience before or male touch may just be curious to see another man`s penis and the ability to touch it. Many men are curious about a prostrate massage and have dreamt what this feels like? Decide what you want from the massage before making the appointment.

Couples – I have lost the number of times I have been asked what does a couples massage involve. You as the couple need to decide what you want from the experience. You should consider, does the man want to get pleasure from seeing his partner being massaged by another male or for the partner to know that the partner is watching? Ask yourselves how will each of you feel to seeing each other half naked in front of another party, What if they wish to touch me or ask for more, what if they really enjoy it how will you react? Many ask how will I feel if it arouses the male “bi-curious” side, most men will experience an erection – will that be embarrassing, fun, will this be a problem or cause jealousy.

A lot of guys have “bi-tendencies” but would never admit it to their partners or themselves, however if the lady/male sees her/his man getting aroused and says something like “I’d love to watch you …….”, or “I’d love to see if you enjoy” ……, or “Why don’t you try …..?”  if he is tempted it is easier for him to agree. For same sex couples you both need to feel comfortable about the massage and know what you both want to achieve from the bookin

Please talk to each other about the above before calling me and booking your appointment . Decide what you both want from the appointment and set out your boundaries and share with me at the booking stage.