What is a hot stone massage?

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The relaxing technique is not a modern invention, rather it has been “rediscovered”. It comes from the far east, over almost 5000 years ago and although its progress down the ages is difficult to track. It was being performed in many of the bath houses of ancient Rome.

The stones are heated in a heater and positioned on the body or used by the masseur to offer a deeper healing and loosens stiff muscles, ideal for aching muscles from exercise.

Which a mixture of the light and heat massage movements stimulating the metabolism and clearing toxins, freeing the body`s channels of energy, in turn relieving stress and premenstrual tension.

Please inform your masseur of any medical conditions you have. If the stones are too warm, please let your therapist know as you will relax and enjoy your treatment if you are comfortable.

Hot stones can now be added to any of the treatments I offer for £10 extra.