What type of clients visit a masseur and can it be addictive?

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What type of client visits a masseur and is it addictive

What type of clients visits a masseur and can it be addictive? The answer is these are usually male clients who are  gay or who have a partner, bi-curious, straight or bisexual and now a lot of male and female couples. These are not true analysis and written for fun from our experiences over the years. These break down into the following type of clients, what type of client are you?

The Straight Guy

He usually tells you he straight and that he married or has a girlfriend and that he has never had a massage from another guy and that he is gay. He usually opts for a Swedish Massage but then when he arrives usually upgrades to a Sensual Naturist one. You tend to find that he is along with a first timer that will leave a positive review.

He likes to feel in control of the pace for the massage but once at ease usually likes it to lead to a full erotic experience. He is usually friendly or undemanding. However, through guilt or lack of nerve is likely to cancel or no show.

The Businessman

He is usually working in the area in a few weeks or a months’ time and will book way in advance, it normally tends to be a outcall to his hotel so he can relax without having to face the busy streets of Manchester. He really reschedules or cancels unless his work commitments change and usually becomes a regular when here on business and many times will book a companionship add to go for a drink or dinner with him.

The Man of Leisure

This is usually an outcall to a hotel, he usually wants more than 90 minutes and is usually the most expensive option available, it is usually the last appointment of the night as usually requires late evening. He never argues over the price and usually tips well. Very rarely leaves and review and if he enjoys usually becomes a repeat booking.

The First Timer

These type of clients tell you that this is their first time. You normally find that they have lots of questions and asks if there is anything they should bring. Most first timers will show up but occasionally get the odd no show. They normally tell you what they like and dislike and have usually studied your website in detail and let you know if there are grammar errors ..heheh.

The Gentleman

This is usually the one that prefers to call instead of emailing or texting. He likes us to remember what he likes even though we don’t save their specific details on a database. He likes to be addressed correctly and very rarely forgives mistakes. The Gentleman likes to test your boundaries and usually has a few unusual requests. He will use several different masseurs.

The Undercover

This person is usually alarmed when you ask him his name, if you don’t want to give your name make one up. If being confronted in a hotel lobby by a member staff, it’s a bit strange when we don’t know our friend, we are visiting first name. Usually communicating by whats app and asking us to make sure we delete all messages after. Very little communication beforehand, turns up on time, can be a little off hand to start with and comes around when they have your trust. Usually becomes a regular.

Can you get addicted to massage?

Many straight clients spend large amounts of money on erotic massages and gay men are no different. Erotic massages are taken to allow us to shut off from the real world. Taking time out from our busy lives and allow us to rejuvenate.  A person may use massage to avoid facing a personal problem head on. If the problem gets worse, the person may become dependant on massage to take them away from the real world.

People do this with pornography, sex, food (heard the term comfort eating). These are all ok in themselves.  But taking something to hide yourself away from a problem is an addition.

Are you addicted?

Worried you may be addicted to male massage? This is not something your Dr can solve.  Read the checklist and see if you need further help.

  • How often do you visit a male masseur? An addiction means behaviours that last a length of time
  • Attempted to stop visiting male masseurs? An addictive behaviour also includes relapses.
  • Has this had negative consequences? A relationship breakdown, not enough money to live etc.
  • Have you tried stopping after negative consequences, but you can`t?

Well, if you answer “yes” to any of these you could have an addition to male massage. Firstly, look to seek some counselling. I haven’t heard of anyone getting addicted to any of my services, but perhaps I could help by refusing your booking.

Just like an addiction to drugs, video games and coffee you can come addicted to male massages. So if getting a male massage is a regular occurrence and becoming an addiction seek help.