Which Massage should I choose?

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Many of you will be a first timer having a male masseur massage you. Some will be straight, gay, bisexual or just bicurious, there is nothing wrong with being massaged by a male but which massage do you choose. Well here at Male Masseur Manchester please be assured that your booking is completely confidential and between you and your masseur. You are in safe hands here.

Swedish Massage

  • A Massage from head to toe
  • Your masseur is clothed in shorts, briefs or a jock
  • No mutual touch is allowed
  • Draped with a towel

Naturist Sensual Massage

  • A combination of Swedish and Deep tissue strokes
  • Very sensual
  • Both you and your masseur are naked
  • Mutual touch is allowed

One on One Body Massage

  • As above but much more and will take you to another level of relaxation
  • Your and your masseur are naked
  • You are free to touch