Which massage to choose?

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Which massage to choose

Which massage to choose?

Which massage should you choose? Many of you will be a first timer having a male masseur massage you. You may be straight, gay, bisexual or just bicurious. There is nothing wrong with getting a massage of a man but which one do you choose. Here at Male Masseur Manchester your booking is completely confidential and between you and your masseur. You are in safe hands here.

Swedish Massage

  • A massage from head to toe
  • Your masseur is clothed in shorts, briefs or a jock
  • Touching is not allowed
  • Draped with a towel

Naturist Sensual Massage

  • A combination of Swedish and Deep tissue strokes
  • Very sensual
  • Both you and your masseur are naked
  • Mutual touch is allowed

Body to Body Massage

  • As above but much more and will take you to another level of relaxation
  • Your and your masseur are naked
  • You are free to touch

Four handed massage

After experiencing a 121 massage ever wondered what two sets of hands would feel like working together over your body? Well why not lay back and feel two sets of hands working in unison together over your body and relaxing it. Feel them as they work together on opposite sides of the body on the same muscles.

We can assure you that your wont be disappointed. A truly memorable mind blowing experience!!!!


More and more people are taking up sport as a way to keep healthy, and some have become as competitive as professional athletes.

As you build up your training in a sport, you can reach a point where your body can`t recover fully between sessions, which affects performance and leaves you prone to injuries. Massage keeps your muscles in top form by increasing circulation, relaxing tight muscles and speeding recovery from injuries. It can also help to reduce scar tissues from old injuries, though you should avoid massaging over a recent injury.

Before and after

You can have massage before or after training, though only light massage is recommended prior to training and deep movements should be avoided for a few days before a sports event so as not to decrease muscles performance. You should leave three days between treatments. A massage soon after training will prevent the onset of stiffness or pain and to aid removal of lactic acid from the muscles.

Prostate massage

Ensure you are fully clean before receiving a prostate massage. You can do this using an anal douche.

The massage will start with a gentle playful touch on the sacred spot, allowing the masseur to relax and excite what may be a tense and apprehensive receiver. The oil will slowly caress the anal opening.

The masseur will apply a liberal amount of quality warm lubrication to the vibrating wand as well as the “rosebud” (the anal opening).

The massage will start with gently, but firmly pressing the “rosebud” with the vibrating wand. Feel as this glides in as you become comfortable with this. By inserting steady and gentle pressure, the masseur will feel the receiver`s rosebud begin to relax and eventually “draw in” the lubricated vibrating wand.

The masseur will now begin the massage in earnest and feel as the wand slides back and forth and vibrates the g spot.  

Hot Stone

The relaxing technique is not a modern invention, rather it has been “rediscovered”. It comes from the far east, over almost 5000 years ago and although its progress down the ages is difficult to track. It was being performed in many of the bath houses of ancient Rome.

The stones are heated in a heater and positioned on the body or used by the masseur to offer a deeper healing and loosens stiff muscles, ideal for aching muscles from exercise.

With a mixture of the light and deep movements stimulating the metabolism and clearing toxins, freeing the body`s channels of energy, in turn relieving stress and premenstrual tension.

Please inform your masseur of any medical conditions you have. If the stones are too warm, please let your therapist know as you will relax and enjoy your treatment if you are comfortable. Hot stones can now be added to any of the treatments we offer for £10 extra.

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