Why is ejaculation control important for men?

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A lot of men get to a point in their sexual development where they start to understand that “just to get off” isn’t satisfying for himself or partner and start to look for more. This is common. In their heart and after looking at things online know there is more from some of the videos or articles they will see, but just do not know how to get to that level of pleasure. Tantra helps with getting to that next level of pleasure for you and your partner. Firstly, learn how to control your ejaculation and to send your sexual energies up to the highest centre of the brain. This in Tantra is known as “kundalini” energy.

With the Kundalini energy is mastered and a guy is can send this along his spine, he will increase the many sexual pleasures for his partner and himself and take their level of love making to another level. With mastering the sexual energy movement through the body, you can control when you ejaculate. With this mastered you are free to make love “with holding “the pressure to ejaculate.

Most men`s awareness and sensitivity are increasingly heightened to the refined satisfaction of lovemaking.  He his in a different mindset, which allows him to deliver “full-body “and “multiple orgasms”.  There are many benefits of a “full body orgasms”, this releases his body from tension and stresses, opens his heart, heals the prostate gland and connects him deeper with himself and lover.  In experiencing multiple orgasms, and by “multiple” would do not necessarily mean “multiple ejaculations”. One the learning to move Kundalini energy around his body he will be able to have orgasms and not ejaculate at all, commonly known as a “none-ejaculatory” or “dry” orgasm.

As you master the practice of Tantra and the levels of energy movement, view the Lingam (penis) as a wand of deeper love making with your partner. The deeper the connection with your partner will take you to higher states of orgasmic and ecstasy pleasure you both can achieve. Allowing you both as a couple to build your heightened levels of ecstasy together.