Why you should drink water before and after a massage.

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Most massage therapists will advise you to drink plenty of water after your massage for several reasons. A daily intake of water being drunk is generally good practice, the body natural hydrates, and a daily consumption of water helps the kidneys and many other organs move the substances which our body produce. A massage therapist will generally recommend you drink water before your appointment too, this allows them to perform plenty of deep tissue movements which hydrates the muscles making them much easier to manipulate during the massage.

Drinking water after a massage helps with the fluids released from the muscles as these are manipulated by the therapist during the session and making sure that all muscles throughout the body are rehydrated.

During the massage, any substances that were flushed out into the muscles will be helped by drinking water. Deep tissue massage, this aids circulation through the body and expresses salt, other minerals and water from the muscles, waste materials produced by the cells is carried away by the circulation. Feeding the body, a daily intake of water, will help flush away these waste materials, with other wise may build up and cause soreness or muscle pain after your treatment.

Massage may cause dehydration in the body. Muscles when manipulated are drained of water, moving fluid into the spaces in between the muscles. Here at Male Masseur Manchester after your massage a bottle of water is offered with our compliments to help you rehydrate your muscles and help reduce any soreness or pain in the following days after your massage. When you train in the gym, you will see people drinking water, this is because when we work muscles, they lose electrolytes and water.