Your massage journey

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Massage journey

Your massage journey.

Let your massage journey begin. Here at Male Masseur in Manchester we believe on giving our clients a truly unbelievable massage journey. From the moment you arrive on our website you will find everything you need to know about the services we offer. How to make a booking, it is such an easy process. Choose the massage you would like and visit the book a massage page. Find the massage you would like and book the time slot you want and that’s your booking made. You will receive an email from us to confirm the booking with our location details. You will receive an email reminder prior to your appointment. If for you need to cancel your appointment please click the cancel appointment section on the email.

On arrival at the premises.

On arrival to your appointment there is on street parking. Greeted at the door by your therapist with a warm welcome and friendly smile, which should put you at ease. There`s a diffuser in the hallway filling the air with a pleasant soothing fragrance helping to set the mood. Soft lighting lights the stairway. You therapist will leave you to undress in piece. There will be a towel waiting to wrap around yourself to make your way to the massage table.

You may want to add a body scrub for an additional fee of £15.00 before your massage. Your therapist can be naked or wear trunks as he joins you in the shower. Feel the warm water trickle down your body and shower gels are provided for you to wash yourself. Your therapist will join you and slowly exfoliate your skin with a body scrub. This will remove any dead skin cells you may have before showering you off and towelling you dry.

It is important to avoid drinks that may stimulate your body such as alcohol, coffee or energy drinks. Make sure before your appointment that you drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated. Plan a relaxing period after your massage. Make sure you drink plenty of water after your massage.

One of the most frequently asked questions is regarding hygiene and cleanliness of the premises.

As a business the main priority is the welfare and safety of our customers. Priding ourselves on making sure our customers leave satisfied with our services and that they return time and time again in the future. We have a strong passion to deliver an unforgettable service which is why we try make each session to suit the needs and desires of each specific customer.

We always make sure you always feel completely safe and comfortable, with both the highest standards of hygiene for the equipment we use and our premises.

FAQ`s regarding cleanliness and hygiene

Are there showering facilities that I can use? Yes, shower facilities are available before and after the massage, you will need to advise when booking that you require these, as these form part of your appointment time. Showering before or after the massage is essential as not only is it more hygienic for both parties, but it also gives you confidence as you are feeling fresh. Showering before your massage prepares your body and helps your mind get into a state of relaxation.

Are the toilets clean? Toilet facilities are available and cleaned after each client. A plentiful supply of toilet roll, handwash and towels

Does my masseur shower beforehand? Our masseur showers before and after each appointment and are smelling fresh for each client.

Are the towels fresh? We use fresh towels for each client you never use the towels the previous client has laid on.

The massage room is warm and comfortable, with a diffuser filling the room with a soothing fragrance (either orange, bergamot, lemongrass, or lavender). Green mood lighting and candles lights the studio. When laid face down there are changing lights under the table to help relax your mind. The massage table heated on a low heat to add to your comfort. Relaxing music will be playing as your therapist starts to massage your body with warm grapeseed oil mixed with lemongrass – other essential oils can be used on request.

Your therapist will start the massage by working down your body relaxing and rejuvenating your soul. The mood lighting will be changed halfway through the massage to a soft red before being asked to turn over. When your turned over onto your back your therapist will continue to massage till the end of your appointment. As you come to the end of your massage your eyes will be covered with the towel that is under your head and a towel will cover your body as the lights are lowered and your told to like and relax and contemplate your experience.  A chilled bottled water will be put by your clothes for you to drink as you get changed. There is also a tray of complementary toiletries for you to use when your changing with hairspray, deodorant, moisturiser, fresh wipes, fragrances and boiled sweets.

We trust you will leave refreshed, relaxed, and rejuvenated? Our main aim is providing complete customer satisfaction, not only focusing on the massage itself but the experience we offer.

If you were happy with our services, we`d love a review on our website to let potential customers know about your visit. If you have the time to write a review  we would greatly appreciate it. Everyone that writes a review will be put into a monthly draw with the chance to win a £10 discount of their next booking. Winners will be identified on the 1st of each month by text or email provided when you make your booking.

All of this together creates a great foundation for an out of this world massage experience. Whether you’re visiting the therapy room, or an outcall to your hotel room or in the comfort of your own home your therapist will guarantee that the mood is just right and your booking is relaxing and stress free.

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