How is Thai Massage used today?

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Many diverse groups of people use Thai massage to enhance their health Dancers use Thai massage to enable them to perform better and reduce injuries Yoga practitioners often use Thai massage because in some cases Yoga postures stiffen a person`s … Continued

Sports Massage

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More and more people are taking up sport as a way to keep healthy, and some have become as competitive as professional athletes. As you build up your training in a sport, you can reach a point where your body … Continued

Arm massage

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An arm massage can provide a relaxing introduction to a complete body massage or may be performed in isolation. The arms are prone to holding tension, so a relaxing arm massage is a good way to relieve this. It is … Continued

Four handed massage

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After experiencing a 121 massage ever wondered what two sets of hands would feel like working together over your body? Well why not lay back and feel two sets of hands working in unison together over your body and relaxing … Continued

What is a lingam massage?

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This is a massage of the male sexual organ. The word Lingam means ’’Wand of light’’. In sacred sexuality the lingam is viewed with respect and honour, it is seen to us all as a giver of both creative energy … Continued

Thai massage

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Thai massage relieves the stresses and strains from modern living by providing a relaxing treatment that works in harmony with the natural rhythms of the body. Thai massage is a dance-like deep body therapy carried out in a meditative state … Continued

What is a Deep Tissue Massage?

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A deep tissue massage uses a fair amount of pressure and slow firm strokes to help reduce and release tension that builds deep down in the muscles of your body. A deep tissue massage explained Deep tissue massage is as … Continued

Why should I choose a Naturist Massage?

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Professional Naturist Massage A massage especially for clients who enjoy or who are interested in naturism. This massage is where both the masseur and client are completely naked with many of the massage skills incorporated from other massages. The advantages of … Continued

Benefits of a Tantric Massage

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Both woman and men have hectic and busy lives causing us to suffer from sexual, mental and physical disorders. We all need a little relief to recharge our batteries and get us back to face the every day tasks we … Continued