Booking Etiquette

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Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes before your appointment time. By booking a Sensual Naturist or Body to Body appointment you agree to sensual touch within your massage. Please advise if you have any specific requirements for example … Continued

Why should I choose a Naturist Massage?

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Professional Naturist Massage A massage especially for clients who enjoy or who are interested in naturism. This massage is where both the masseur and client are completely naked with many of the massage skills incorporated from other massages. The advantages of … Continued

What is a carrier oil?

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Carrier oils have little or no fragrance and are use to dilute oils before coming into contact with the skin prior to a massage. Essential oils may irritate skin and should not be used directly, mixing with a carrier oil … Continued

Benefits of a Tantric Massage

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Both woman and men have hectic and busy lives causing us to suffer from sexual, mental and physical disorders. We all need a little relief to recharge our batteries and get us back to face the every day tasks we … Continued

What should I do during a massage?

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Relax and get yourself comfortable. During the massage I will move the relevant body part that I am working on but it may be necessary to adjust this for ease and I will discuss with you before doing so. Please … Continued

Does a massage hurt?

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A relaxation massage should not cause you pain, a Sports massage applies pressure to certain muscles to relieve tension that has built up, this may require deeper strokes to remove. I will explain what I am doing during the process … Continued