Mental health and massage

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We all take knocks on our emotions from time to time In our lives, so whether you have been diagnosed with a mental health issue, or just having a back time of it at present,  a fully body massage will … Continued

How clean are the premises?

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Here at Male Masseur in Manchester we understand that our customers have many questions regarding our services and premises. One of the most frequently asked questions is regarding hygiene and cleanliness of the premises. As a business the main priority … Continued

Male types of orgasm

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There is nothing better than the feeling of an orgasm. Our brain goes into overdrive, as we experience erotic feelings and thoughts, our toes curl and legs shake with excitement. We may think that every orgasm is the same (some … Continued

Do you struggle to sleep?

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In today`s stressful world, the lack of sleep is generally high up there on everyone`s list. Here are a few pointers to aid a restful night. Turn off the phone A late-night scroll through Instagram, Facebook, or twitter, looking at … Continued

Stress and the effect on the body

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Inhale deep breaths in and breath out. Understanding what stress is and tips to overcome it. How many times a day do you hear someone say `I`m stressed, perhaps you have even said it? We do not enjoy being stressed … Continued

Know the massage etiquette!

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A few unwritten rules about your massage experience here at Male Massage in Manchester, these are outlined below: Your appointment will be far more relaxing for you and your therapist – if you understand the massage etiquette. Shower before you … Continued

What is a hot stone massage?

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The relaxing technique is not a modern invention, rather it has been “rediscovered”. It comes from the far east, over almost 5000 years ago and although its progress down the ages is difficult to track. It was being performed in … Continued

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